ESB B2 - PREPARATION & 12 PRACTICE TESTS by C.N. GRIVAS will not only familiarise Student's Book; Teacher's Book; Listening Scripts; Audio CDs. l Vocabulary practice exercises, both exam-style the book, without the preparation, so teachers ESB B2 PREPARATION & 12 PRACTICE TESTS includes. English Books with aesthetically-pleasing design and meaningful content. Secondary B1-B2 Practice Tests & Exam Practice. Cambridge FCE. PDF icon Download CAMBRIDGE FCE-TRP JOURNEYS City & Guilds PDF icon Download ESB; PDF icon.

Esb B2 Preparation & 12 Practice Tests Teachers Book

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To βιβλίο ESB B2 Preparation & 12 Practice Tests Student's Book των εκδόσεων Grivas Publications. Grammalysis B2 TEACHER'S. GRAMMAR AND. ESB B2 Preparation & 12 Practice Tests 1 Technology – Books – Relationships PREPARATION Vocabulary . 12 Advertisingg – The Arts – Social Issues .. A run C are running B have run D have been running 4 Our teacher .. that you're. ESB B2 - PREPARATION & 12 PRACTICE TESTS includes: a detailed at the back of the book, without the preparation mentioned above, so teachers can test .

C am going to work D Do you intend to start eating properly? PL D will have been workingg 5 Would you like to come to the cinema with me? B Are you going to come to the cinema with A make C be made mad me? M B have made de D have b been making C Will you come to the cinema with me?

SA on my own.

A Do you ever see 1 The last time she called was a month ago. C Have you ever seen B She has to call every month. D Were you ever seeing C She calls once a month. D She had called every month. B will get D will be getting A It snowed for a while last night. B It had snowed d some time during durin the night. A leaves C will have left C It is night-time me and it is snowing.

A am waiting C have waited 3 The President den is to vis visit our town soon. B was waiting D have been waiting A The President is i visiting our town now. B The President Presid is in our town for a while. C The President is about to visit our town.

A works C is working D The President has visited our town recently. A If I forgive him, will he apologise? B will pass D will be passing ng C When he makes an apology, he will have 7 That A are cooking C are going to cook B will be cooking D have cooked 11 How long A do you know B have you known C are you knowing D have you been knowing 12 She For questions , mark each statement True T or False F.

You now have one minute to read the questions for Part One. Part 2: Section A You will hear an interview between ween a rest restaurant manager and a job candidate, Lee Atkins. For questions , choose the correct answer AA, B orr C.

12 Practice Tests for the Michigan ECCE (2013): Student's Book

You now have one minute to read the questions for Section A. The Job Interview 11 The most attractive thing about the job for Lee is 14 According to Lee, it is not important to have opport A the opportunity for advancement. A qualifications. B the salary. B experience. C the location of the restaurant. C enthusiasm.

A give up his job to study for a degree. B researched the company. B join a management trainee programme. C has worked in the food business. C apply again next year. B has a lot of responsibility. C is often sent on errands.

Section B You will hear Kevin Matthews, an advertising expert, addressing a group of consumers. For questions , choose the correct answer A, B or C. You now have one minute to read the questions for Section B.

Advertising 16 Kevin says that A people need to be careful with adverts. B adverts have no effect on clever people. C adverts are aimed mainly at clever people. B are near the supermarket checkout. C are out of the reach of children at the supermarket. B test the products. B consumers should d be willing to return products. For questions , match the headings A-G with the appropriate paragraph.

One heading has been done as an example. There are TWO headings which you do not need.

Surfing Example: Fighting Japan meant that of the islands enjoyed. The men went out beyond most troops passed through Hawaii on their way to the waves on boards, which they used to ride back the Pacific islands, and many got to see — and try — on the waves. It was done purely for fun, though surfing for the first time.

Many were hooked, some they reached great speeds and risked great injury. Disease and o others. It has only grown in popularity since.

In poverty reduced the population, and the Christian , there were an estimated 5, surfers missionaries convinced their new w believers that worldwide; in this had swelled to 2 million, nt.

By the end of the surfing was not time well spent. Today there are between nineteenth century, there wass just a small sm club of seventeen and twenty-three million surfers kiki beach. Although some surfers make a living from it through sponsorship deals and competition AM prizes, most still do it purely for the joy of the 22 experience. In the early years of the twentieth twentie century, thanks, in some part,t, to the interest intere of European adventurers elp of some influential and the help infl Hawaiians, a revival was underway, y, and the th sea in front of Waikiki Beach A A global phenomenon was full of surfers.

Άλλα βιβλία του συγγραφέα

As Duke travelled the D The soldiers come home world competing in swimming races, he brought his E European influence surfboard with him, introducing the sport to friends in both America and Australia. B was first observed in Hawaii. C was more than just a pastime. D was brought to Hawaii from Europe.

B the death of the kings. C the influence of the Europeans. D the lack of development. B rebirth. C registration. D decrease. B a traveller.

C an aristocrat. D a surfer. B bored.

C scared. D angered.

B a profitable ofitable hobby. Hawaiia pastime. For questions , choose the correct answer, A, B, C or D.

A Low-tech School problem-solving skills, maths ability and hand coordination. The emphasis everywhere, in fact, is in Silicon Valley on hands-on and real-life experience rather than theory and abstraction. In order too teach teac fractions, the teacher and her pupils divide de up cakes cake and Silicon Valley in California is home to some of the biscuits, and then eat them — one idea that is sure s to biggest high-tech companies in the world, including keep the kids interested.

Google, Apple and Microsoft. You might expect the Mind-body coordination,nation, student participation, p schools in this area — the places where many of the creative thinking; these hese are the goals that the Waldorf employees of these companies send their children — philosophy says cannot be encouraged when to be modern, even futuristic, with computers on children aree just sitting in front fron of computer screens.

Not only that, of a top executive at site. Parents are even advised not to In answer to criticism that their students will be left let their children use mobile phones and laptops ops at a behind in the fast-changing world ahead of them, the home until they reach the age of about fourteen. They chalk. What goes on in a Waldorf classroom, lassroom, though, also point out that 94 per cent of their kids go on to is something that might not bee approved of by a university, with many getting into top universities traditional teacher either.

In one class, boys and girls sit side by side si knitting. B teach employees of computer companies. C avoid too many electronic devices. D produce employees for the technology industry. B attracts the children of high-tech executives. C used to use technology. D bans the use of technology even at home. B learning by doing. C learning by memorising. D learning by copying. B Waldorf pupils. C Waldorf teachers. D Waldorf parents. B are to be found exclusively in California.

The Cold Nasopharyngitis — better In So how is it that there is no known cure? Like all viruses, colds are immune to antibiotics, but what about vaccinations?

The problem with the cold virus — The cold we have ave this year will not be the same as the one we So, what can be done? Prevention is better Wash your hands ds when you come com in from outdoors, and try not to touch surfaces that many people may If you are unlucky enough to fall ill with a cold, drink plenty of liquids and stay ay warm.

The worst thing that can happen is for a cold to lead to something worse like a bacterial infection,n, 6 What do you want to a. How did you She didn't have much sister and brother.

Stacy stopped working to You don't seem happy to rent? If you're not sure when the plane is leaving, why don't you ask someone and Before leaving, Tom Amy certainly They look just alike! Can you believe that Maria is turning 18 next week?

It seems like she Match the Definitions with match with any Definition. To discover or learn through investigation. To examine something. To search for something, correct Phrasal Verb. There are 3 extra Phrasal Verbs that do not 2. It can be a challenge to They wanted to find an old cottage in the country that they could download cheaply, and then To explore something, what is there.

Sample Tests

To look for some information printed material. To investigate something. To resemble someone, appearance or behavior. Could you please To take care of and educate of gradually changing from To go through the process the stage of being an adult. To renovate it or fix something usually a child or ill person, To take care of someone, need to be safe and well. To think about something a.

I think you should call the police. They will My grandfather always likes toA a sympathetic y. B will get D will be getting A It snowed for a while last night. C make some snacks. For questions , choose the correct answer, A, B, C or D. B You ask silly questions all the time. Exam information SA M opping pping centre centr 5 We hear that today in the shopping d in n all the shops.

What did you think about the ending?

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