Feb 28, We’ve compiled a list of the highest quality GRE prep books, categorized according to what test-takers are often looking for. Most Comprehensive GRE Guide: Kaplan’s GRE Prep Plus Best Full-Length Practice Tests: ETS’ Official GRE Super Power Pack 2/E. Best Books for GRE. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is an exam taken by college graduates who are applying to graduate school. Whether you're studying . 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems: 1,+ Practice Problems in Book and. GRE Prep Plus Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online + Video + Mobile.

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Nov 1, A good GRE prep book can make the whole process much easier and help you to feel more confident walking into test day. If you're preparing. While embarking on the arduous journey from GRE exam prep to good universities and colleges, you should make sure that your travel bag contains the best. We offer a variety of free and low-cost tools to help you prepare for the GRE General Test, including sample test questions, POWERPREP II and more.

Schedule You also have to consider how much time you have until your test date. There's no point in downloading a 1,page study guide if you have to take the test in two days.

Best GRE Study Material

You wouldn't have time to go through it all. Make sure that the book you choose lines up with your goals and your schedule.

GRE prep book features Here are the most important things to look for in your GRE prep book: Exam overview: The prep book should give you a thorough overview of the exam, scoring methods, and test-day procedures.

Content review: If you want a comprehensive study guide, look for a book that provides an in-depth review of each section of the test. Full-length practice tests: Most GRE prep books contain practice tests, but the best ones will have computer-adaptive tests to better simulate the conditions of the real exam.

These study guides will help get you accepted into grad school

Question bank: The prep book might also have a separate question bank so you can focus on the specific question types that are giving you trouble. Supplemental resources: Some GRE prep books come with access to online or mobile resources that enable you to switch up how you study.

Tips Take a practice test before you begin studying. That sets a baseline for yourself so you can see which areas you need to work on.

Study a little bit every day. This keeps you in the habit of studying and on track for test day. Continue taking practice tests at regular intervals throughout your study program.

Refocus your energies based on your results. Study with a friend.

If you have a friend who's also studying for the GRE, consider studying together to help keep each other motivated and on track. It gives you plenty of opportunities to practice what you're learning until you feel confident with the material. What we like: This book is packed with practice questions that come from real exams, so you can feel confident that they'll provide a comparable challenge to what you'll see on test day.

After study, take the computer adaptive tests of the ETS. Some books are better for self-study, and some books are ideal as a follow-up for test-takers who have already attended live prep classes.

Take an online course if you cannot attend live classes, as it offers flexibility. It is a good idea to start your GRE preparation with this guide that includes six math books and two verbal books.

Each of the eight books is dedicated to a topical area of the test—algebra; fractions, decimals and percents; geometry; number properties; word problems; quantitative comparisons and data interpretation; reading comprehension and essays; and text completion and sentence equivalence. At the end of each book, three sets of practice questions are arranged by the level of difficulty—easy, medium, and hard. It is a great book to learn GRE concepts and techniques and apply them to some really good questions.

Explanations of concepts and questions are clear.


The verbal books give you sound techniques and good reading practice and techniques. Disadvantages: Because of the vast amount of information in these eight guides, they are not useful for those who hope to do it all in the last minute.

The six math guides teach you well but do not contain many difficult questions that prepare you for excellence. In the two verbal guides, the questions on text completions and sentence equivalence depend on hard vocabulary rather than the difficult structures that the GRE demands.

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It is the only official guide available for the test and is called the authoritative guide to the GRE for a good reason. It therefore provides invaluable insight into the minds of the GRE graders and creators.DPReview Digital Photography.

Check Price. GRE Subject Test: You wouldn't have time to go through it all. What should you look for in a GRE book?

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