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GRAMMAR FOR PET English Grammar Pdf, English Exam, English Class, . Complete IELTS Bands Student's Book ebook pdf online download gia A grammar device that shows possible results from certain situations is. Students Book Answer Key Introductory Unit Reading 1 p8 1 1 a 2 b 3 c 4 b 5 a 6 b 2 1 c 2 d 3 e 4 b 5 f 6 a 3 a, f, i, j b, e, h c, d, g 5 1 A 2 C 6 1 C. About the book · Extended PET Practice test. Download a full PET Practice test with answer key, recording scripts and audio below. Download full test (PDF).

Online Workbook available August offers students additional practice on the Internet. Exercises have interactive support, such as automatic marking and feedback, online dictionary, grammar reference and more.

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Ideal for independent self-study. You can choose to assign online tasks, track students' progress and record results via the Learning Management System LMS at www. Student's Book available with or without code for the Online Workbook. Suitable for the new PET for Schools exam. Cambridge University Press, Vocabulary for PET is presented in 20 topic-based units of 4 pages each. The vocabulary is presented in context and students use exam style activities to practise using the vocabulary. Every part of the PET exam is practised more than once.

She swims in a pool so we can eliminate B and is either running or cycling, so we can eliminate C. The previous sentence You may not ever want to enter any competitions and you certainly dont have to start off in the sea means we can eliminate C and A.

Health and sportLead in p 1 Cut down on 4 take up2 give up 5 Get up3 Throw awayReading p B2 1 T snow all year round lines 2 F The temperature is maintained at around 1C or 2C lines 3 F snow boots included in the entrance price lines 4 F but this isnt essential for adults line 20 5 T Its a great place for families lines 6 F an area for the more advanced lines 7 T theres the option of having lessons line 32 8 T you can watch the skiers practising line Grammar p a has finished 2 e has opened 2 b have become 3 f have seen 3 c Have you bought 2 g has taken part 1 d have tried 1 PET Result Oxford University Press PET pp April I was a child this morning Suggested answersfor: I started school, last month, two days ago2 a Shes been a free-diver since the s.

For five years.

Secondary B1-B2 Photocopiable material

Since last June. For about seven years. Since I was a teenager.

Since Speaking p 1 b 2 c 3 d 4 e 5 a2 a We should play sport regularly because its good exercise. The remaining three sentences answer each point in turn. Thank you for your last letter. It was great to hear from you. The ice hockey sounds brilliant! You asked me if I enjoy sport. Well, I live near the sea and I love surfing, so Ive just joined a club. Its really good fun because the people are very nice and Ive already made some good friends.

I havent been surfing on my own yet, but Im having lots of lessons. Im already a lot better than before. I hope you can come here one day and we can go surfing together! See you soon! Rosa makes two incorrect guesses Is that a rock band? This shows that she hasnt already heard of Stomp and doesnt know what it is. When Tom says Im sure youd like it, Rosa agrees, saying I think youre right.

Tom says The only reason I went was because my sister got tickets from somebody at work, so it wasnt his idea. Tom didnt enjoy it at first the beginning was a bit slow. I couldnt really understand the idea at first but eventually after a while he started to enjoy it. When Rosa asks Tom if hes doing anything exciting at the weekend, he replies I dont know about that meaning no. He then says I dont really enjoy watching ballet.

When Rosa offers to download his ticket, he says Im not sure about that which is a polite way of saying no.

Tom refuses to sell Rosa the ticket because hes worried that his sister would be upset if he didnt go. But he offers to ask his sister to get another ticket and Rosa accepts, by saying Fantastic. Lead in p Across5 orchestra6 opera8 dance 10 sculptureDown1 rock2 concert3 festival4 ballet7 artist9 circusReading p Duncan Hamilton makes sculptures using ice, so in the end they melt.

A is not correct because He started out as a chef line 5 and C is not correct because the text mentions Duncan and his team line B is not correct because if the ice is completely frozen, it can be very hard to work with line D is not correct because the ice can burn, so the artists have to wear protective clothes line A is not correct because of references to ice cubes line 10 and the smaller ones line 24 ; B is not correct because the smaller ones dont last long at all line I loved it when Suggest you meet up: Do you fancy going?

The second sentence makes it clear that theres another drinks machine in the building, so we can eliminate B and C.

Pet Result Key

Explain that the Health and Safety Department in a company is responsible for preventing accidents and making sure employees are safe in the workplace. You dont have to be good-looking, though some actors are.

You must be funny! Lead in p64a They are all connected with safety. Reading p Text 2: Sam is going to visit Jo so we can eliminate A. You might also need to explain to report to, which means to tell someone you have arrived, and is usually used in a work situation. We can eliminate A because stay in the building is the opposite of leave.

The first sentence in the sign means There will be one fire practice today at 3 p. Cleaning materials, which may be dangerous, are not kept safely in a cupboard. You shouldnt connect more than one plug to the same socket. If you have a gas cooker or fire, you should always check that you have turned it off when you have stopped using it. You should keep a fire blanket in your kitchen. We might not get back before dark. We might have an accident.

The weather might be bad. You use it to see where you are going in the dark.

Vocabulary p a dry, foggy, humid, sunny, cloudy, wet, rainy, snowy b freezing, cool, boilingc drought, tornado, blizzard, hail, flood, hurricane, gale, lightning, thunderSuggested extra words: There will be sunshine. It will be a bit cloudy. There will be sunshine and some cloud.

Friday It will be snowing heavily. There could be floods. The lightning could start a fire. Writing p Correct order is: C 2 , A 3 , B 1 2 a The past continuous to set the scene and describe what was happening when the main action of the story began e.

Harry slipped and hurt his ankle; I tried to call That was six months ago. I think its much nicer than the other one. Well, so do I. In my opinion, people change their computers too often. It just isnt necessary. Well, I find it relaxing. Technology has improved all kinds of things about our lives. I cant argue with that6 incorrect: Well, Ive had three, but every time I download a new one, I give my old phone to somebody else. Speaking p a 1 b 1 c 2 d 2 e 1 f 2Vocabulary p photographer, artist, designer, banker, politician, dancer, instructor, librarian, scientist, producer, musician, sailor, director, writerWriting p c, e2 a No, its too long.

Paragraph 2 On our last day Paragraph 3 I gave her my address Ive lost mine. We had arranged to meet at 7 oclock in a little Italian restaurant. When I arrived, no one was there and the waiter didnt have our booking.

He said I could sit down and wait for my friends. While I was waiting, a girl came into the restaurant. I recognised her from my old school. She was with her family, but they asked me to sit at their table. We ordered some food and I forgot about my friends. Then as we were coming out of the restaurant, I saw them. They were coming out of the pizzeria opposite. The expression to be bleached means to lose colour through being exposed to the sun.

There arent many books He says that the amount of rubbish is increasing but not the number of accidents, though perhaps the number of accidents might increase as well at some time in the future. We can eliminate option B because bits of it fell i. Vocabulary p a turn e runb turn f fillc throw g gived pickSpeaking p 1 c2 bWriting p Elenas letter is about air pollution.

She helps by cycling to school every day.

You wanted to know about some of the environmental problems in my country. In my opinion, the worst thing is air pollution.

CG PET 2019 Syllabus – PDF Download

There are too many cars in our cities. If people used their cars less, it wouldnt be so bad.

Last month, I bought a bike and now I cycle to school every day. This is much better for the environment and it keeps me healthy too. Write soon! Ive had Moroccan food home cooked a few times so I knew Id like it.

Luis loves trying out different foods from around the world. I remember him now. I spoke to him about living in Paris at your party, didnt I? Is that small dishes of things? Thats right5 incorrect: I dont think its for me though. Id forgotten that youre vegetarian. Joe is trying to persuade Claudia to try it: The salads are fantastic and they do a vegetable tagine youd really enjoy that. You must come with us next time. Lead in p90aFats, oils and sweets: Marco is coming round, so we can eliminate C.

Claudia told Joe not to leave it too long and not Claudia told Joe to dont leave it too long. And the paper comes out on Thursday, not Monday i. It takes five minutes but doesnt start at 5 oclock , so C is a distractor. Check that students understand the difference between personal qualities described in b and skills described here. You can extend this by asking the students how the skills are relevant to different aspects of the job, e.

They need to have good communication skills because the job involves talking to people a lot. Point out to students that this shows the importance of reading the whole article, and not deciding what the whole text is about just by looking at the title.

Also, You can meet really interesting people. In line 30, Louise says you go out and help the rest of the team with the filming, so we can eliminate A and D. Louise says that theres not a typical day at work line 25 , so we can eliminate B. The bag C is a distractor, because the magazine isnt there now. He found out from Sue on the phone, so C is correct. It was Sue, and not the man speaking, who found out from the Internet, so B is a distractor.In answer 3b, the students answer is too short and does not really answer the question.

Ive lost mine. Suitable for the new PET for Schools exam.

The topics and tasks in the exam are designed to reinforce the learning students do in class. Writing p Correct order is:

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